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Plush Recreates A Magical Royal Wedding in Rajasthan

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This wedding became a fairytale affair as it was hosted in Rajasthan’s heritage – complete with ancient havelis, elaborate lehengas, traditional food and exemplary hosting – making it a one of a kind wedding.

The stunning Jai Mahal Palace was the venue for the eve. Every nook and corner of the hotel bloomed royalty, nestled within the luxurious ambience of the palace are several signature experiences aimed at pampering you.

With such a fantasy like venue, the décor had to be magical. The palace was embellished with thousands of flowers like roses, lilies and orchids paired with hundreds of candles and shamyanas that lit up the entire place.

Plush customised every detail to enhance the personal touch expected by the client on their special day. The baarat entered walking on rose petals, surrounded by mashals and shamyanas that were lit up along the way.

With the colours peach, red and white, love was in the air! The mandap looked dreamy with the royal pillars and heavy floral and elaborated canopy. It added freshness and elegance to the entire ambience, which left all the guests mesmerised.

A magnificent bar was also set up amidst the stunning architecture of the palace.

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