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The Wedding Carnival!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Yet another grand wedding put together by Plush musing over the lovely couple, Aditi and Kshitij.

It was a four day event for which logos were created symbolizing their love literally with their names added to all the customized grooming kits and wedding stationery provided to the guests.

The wedding was vibrant with an ethnic twist and charmed guests with flawless hospitality and management provided by the team of Plush.

Each element was tailored to please the artistic side of the beautiful couple specially the food that came in from various states with their delicacies and no cuisine was repeated on any other day.

Special vendors were sent from Delhi for the famous ‘Dilli ki Chaat’ , hookahs and nitrogen Ice creams.

The events stormed with entertainment and performances, from Haldi which started from the colour bomb& entry of the bride and groom followed by gifting an auspicious Ganesha idol, in rich yellow embellished potli bags to each guest who attended the Haldi Event.

The Carnival was a huge success hosted by Raju Shrestha with an exclusive performance by Jasleen Matharu and other magnificent dancers which set the festive mood for the wedding.

The Sangeet was graced with Bhumi Trivedi’s striking performance while the wedding dazzled the guests with grand entrance of Aditi and Kshitij as well as the splendid decor and great ambience.

The experience was further heightened with an amazing feature when the team of Plush introduced the Wedding Newspaper that was delivered to each guest in the morning as a memorable collection of the remarkable evening they had during their stay.

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